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Thailand has a rich legacy of cultural influence that has benefited from several very civilized and organized kingdoms dating back more than a thousand years. The strength and advanced development of Sukhothai in the fourteenth century and Ayuthaya during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth century resulted in a flourishing of artistic expression, mostly inspired by Buddhism. Even during the current Rattanakosin era the country dominated this region of Southeast Asia late in the nineteenth century, but until recently Pattaya was no more than an insignificant fishing village that saw little cultural development.

Life often revolves solely around food in Thailand, with work and duty merely filling the time in between. Pattaya restaurants offer plenty of choice. Thai cuisine has a worldwide fashion-food appeal these days, and in Pattaya there are a huge selection of vendors and restaurants which allow you to try everything the country’s street stalls and kitchens have to offer. Pattaya’s international popularity is reflected in its vast selection of international restaurants serving food from all around the globe at prices to suit all palates.


Pattaya has a fabulous range of shops and markets, such as the Soi Buakao Market, catering for all tastes. From the very expensive to the incredibly cheap (particularly by Western standards), you can find it all here. While the quality of some of the goods can vary greatly from stall to stall and shop to shop, even those who usually hate shopping will find a bargain here.

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