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Thursday, 22 November 2012 11:02

Pattaya Real Estate Market Overview (47)



With its great weather, fine food and world-renowned beaches, Thailand continues to enter the sights of savvy property investors looking for new opportunities away from the traditional European and Caribbean markets. Much like the country itself, Thailand's property market is incredibly diverse, offering buyers everything from high-end villas in Phuket overlooking the Andaman Sea to luxury High-rise condominiums in Bangkok. Also rising in popularity among investors is the Gulf of Thailand seaside resort Pattaya which is fast becoming a preferred destination for those seeking holiday homes as its infrastructure develops and word of its natural beauty spreads. A key investment location for regional and expatriate executives, drawn to the city's affordable market that offers much better value when compared to markets in other Asian cities.

Friday, 16 November 2012 12:06

Pattaya Property Report (46)


Pattaya is a jewel in Thailand’s property market, with new developments coming up like mushrooms to support the increasing demand from both Thais and foreigners for condominium units, apartments, single houses and villas. And with a new international airport just 60 minutes away, one could say that Pattaya real estate is a real diamond in the rough.

Many foreigners are now taking advantage of Thailand’s “retirement visas” which are issues to foreigners aged 50 and older, even if they are still working in their home countries. Pattaya has become a paradise for retired westerners. Many houses and condos are bought as first homes or second homes for both leisure and retirement residences. This has bouyed the real estate market in Pattaya.

Thursday, 15 November 2012 10:02

Pattaya experiencing market recovery

TRAVEL NEWS — The resort town of Pattaya has become a favourite destination for older tourists, welcoming more than four million visitors every year.


Despite the negative image associated with the resort town, it is undeniably experiencing market recovery both in terms of tourism and property sales.

The most important factor for Pattaya’s growth is its strategic location. It is the closest beachside town to Bangkok – a bit more than an hour’s drive away thanks to the new highway that connects the capital directly to Central Pattaya, bypassing Na Klua and saving up to half an hour in commuting time. It has all the amenities one could want – shopping, seafood, quality five-star hotels, international standard medical facilities, golf courses and beaches. Though it does not offer the best beaches in Thailand, it has all that one can need for a short weekend away.

It may not have the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but Pattaya in Thailand has long been a major tourist destination in Asia. Now it is emerging as a budding real estate development site.

Pattaya sits on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 165 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. The city is within but not part of Amphoe Bang Lamung (Banglamung) in the province of Chonburi.

A total of 5,000 luxury hotel rooms will open in Pattaya over the next three years, with the new developments expanding out of central areas into the neighboring Sattahip and Na Kluea districts along the coast.

Wednesday, 07 November 2012 12:29

Pattaya City Condominium Market Report 2012




A similar number of newly launched units were introduced in the first half of this year, as compared with the second half of 2011

Just 250 units were completed and transferred during H1 2012. this is primarily due to a lower introduction of project launches during the worst of the economic crisis of 2008-2010.

A large number of Pattaya and Bangkok based developers continue to make a strong vote of confidence for the Pattaya market.

International Property Consultant Tim Gladwin reports on recent past, current and future Pattaya property developments.


The last month has been steady from a business perspective, not as busy as the preceding month, but not as quiet as it sometimes can be at this time of the year. As I have mentioned in previous years, the six weeks or so during the second half of September and the whole of October tend to be Pattaya's rainy season, which is normally far shorter than the rainy season experienced by most of the rest of Thailand, but for these six weeks it tends to rain often and heavily.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 10:51

Buyers Sustain Pattaya’s Condo Market



Local demand ensures Pattaya’s condominium market remains prosperous, according to Knight Frank Thailand. The Research and Valuation department reported that previous market interest was from foreigners whereas now, and after the financial crisis, more market activity is from Thai buyers. Demand from the Thai market is particularly felt in North Pattaya and the Wongamat area, which are home to many retail outlets, fine dining restaurants, and bars. Condominiums in the South of Pattaya still attract more foreign investment. Presently, Jomtien particularly appeals to the foreign market

Golden Tulip Hotel & Residence Pattaya

Thailand Property developers Tulip Group have recently announced an agreement for their new project Golden Tulip Hotels & Residence in Central Pattaya.

The official name for the group’s latest mixed use development will be Golden Tulip Hotel and Residence Pattaya, and will include a 200 room 4 star Golden Tulip Hotel and 6 condominium buildings on a total land area of just under 16,500sqm.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 08:59

Part 3 - New Pattaya Property Report


Pattaya Residents Demographics: Current and Projected Make-up of Residents by Country

Foreign Ownership

In contrast to the Bangkok market, foreigners take up the lion’s share of lower end condominiums in Pattaya and Jomtien as many are retirees with limited financial resources and foreign Bangkok residents looking for an inexpensive holiday home. This has meant that for units below 2 million Baht there is often a dual pricing structure resulting from the 49% foreigner owner limitations. In the newly emerging upmarket residential markets of Wongamat and Pratumnak, local buyers are the main driver and there are far fewer dual pricing policies. Often local buyers are attracted by better payment terms compared to foreign buyers and therefore the developers financing structure can have a significant bearing on the local buying component.

The Russian market is a particularly strong one and is further increasing. Many come from the eastern part of the country where countries like Thailand are in closer proximity than the Black Sea, Greece or Turkey which are popular with Muscovites for example. Many in the east work in the energy and mining industries and can earn a great deal of money. Due to the generally poor level of English most are attracted by the Russian language infrastructure of Pattaya city with menus, signs and information in the Cyrillic alphabet as well as Russian speakers, both native and Thai to assist them.


Over 65 Population by Countries

Source: United Nations population Division and Colliers International Thailand research

Significant numbers of retirees will come from countries that are large markets for the Pattaya tourist industry and consequently potential residents in the future. With lower government pension provisions expected in the era of the greying babyboomers, many in the west may choose to live their remaining days in a country offering them a better standard of living in a warmer climate. The Russian market, already the strongest one in terms of foreign buyers could see further growth on back of an increase in retirees in the second half of the decade. The lure of tropical Pattaya could be the prefect antidote to the severe Russian winters.

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